Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"ABC: Most 2008 front-runners break tradition; won't release income taxes" (with video)

RAW STORY, with video (3:26):
2008 candidates for the White House are breaking tradition by not making public their income tax records, ABC's Good Morning America reports.

"For years, part of the election ritual has included taking a peek at the candidates' tax returns. But this election? Different," says ABC's Robin Roberts. "Almost all the top candidates are keeping their taxes a secret."

Adds senior political correspondent Jake Tapper, "This year's crop of presidential front-runners, with one exception, is refusing to abide by this tradition, and that's not the only thing they're keeping secret."

The lone top candidate willing to release his tax information is Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), who says, "I think it's critical that people know who their candidates are, what our sources of income are, if we have any potential conflicts."



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