Monday, May 21, 2007

"Michelle Obama Meets Iowans During Waukee Visit" (with video)

KCCI 8-Des Moines (IA), with video:
WAUKEE, Iowa -- The wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama made a campaign stop Monday in central Iowa.

Michelle Obama, 43, had a simple goal while she was at a Waukee cafe. She wanted to make sure people understand who her husband is.
"I knew there was something very special in Barack for a long time. The question that I always had in my mind is whether people recognize that," she said.

"I think the barriers, especially when you hear her speak and talk about their core values. That will definitely break through, for sure," said Joshua Trenhaile, who heard Obama talk at a coffeehouse meet-and-greet event.

Obama told attendees about her background, meeting her husband and how an unfulfilling career in corporate law lead her to government and charity work.

"I kind of caught the Obama bug. I saw what he was doing and I started thinking, well, is this really where I want to land," Obama said.

She married Obama in 1992. She returned to her hometown on Chicago's south side and is raising her two daughters, Malia, 8, and 5-year-old Sasha.

Obama also made it clear that she is a supporter and not an adviser in her husband's campaign.

"She's so supportive of her husband and made it known where her children were today -- that's very important to her -- and it's important to me," said attendee Norma Broderick.

Will it be enough to translate to a vote for Barack on caucus night?

Many voters remain undecided. That's not unusual. KCCI's exclusive poll showed that 10 percent of the Democrats polled last week said they are undecided.

Iowans will have more chances to meet Obama. She'll be back in Iowa monthly until the caucuses in January.



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