Monday, June 11, 2007

"Matt, Obama has the broadest appeal of any candidate"

mdiogu's diary on MyDD:.
A new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll has put the unfounded analysis by a typical Obama detractor to shame with a poll that shows that while Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton continue to be the frontrunners for their parties' presidential nominations, though on the Republican side the momentum is with Fred Thompson and Democrat Barack Obama has the broadest appeal of any candidate. (snip) Matt, you owe Obama and this community an apology for making shit up, but I will not hold my breathe (excerpt by Howie):
Among the Democratic candidates, the race remains little changed from a Times/Bloomberg poll in April.

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York has maintained a solid lead at 33%, followed by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, with 22%. Running third, with 15%, is former Vice President Al Gore, who continues to say he has no plans to seek the office he barely lost in 2000. Fourth is former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, at 8%.

Despite Clinton's lead, Obama is the strongest Democrat in hypothetical matchups with Republicans in the general election, running even with or well ahead of the GOP's top contenders.

Clinton, in a showing that could spark concern among some Democrats, does not fare as well. For instance, against Giuliani, her strongest GOP rival, the poll found she would lose by 10 percentage points.

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