Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Michelle Obama makes appeal to women in Las Vegas"

Las Vegas Sun:
American women are "struggling to keep their heads above water" and have been left alone in their attempt to do it, Michelle Obama told a group of female supporters Wednesday.
The campaign pitch by the wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama strayed from typical stump speech to daytime talk show pep talk.

Describing herself as a sort of American everywomen, the 43-year-old mother of two daughters, ages 8 and 5, outlined her own attempts to juggle professional, family and household demands.

"The toilet overflows, and who's the one who's got to rearrange her schedule to be there for the plumber? It's us!" Michelle Obama told about 175 cheering supporters at a "Women for Obama" gathering at a community center. "And to top it off, we have the added social pressure of being attractive, pleasant, caring, in shape.

"I'm tired just thinking about it."

"We are all at some level neglecting our physical, emotional and our spiritual well-being," she said, "because in the end society isn't giving us what we need to be, not just surviving, but thriving as women and families."

It was Michelle Obama's first stop in Nevada on behalf of her husband since the Illinois senator launched his presidential campaign. She said she's reduced her work as a hospital administrator to make time for travel.

Nevada, with caucuses Jan. 19, is one of the early voting states.

Michelle Obama called for a "more focused domestic agenda" and mentioned her husband's plan to increase access to health care. But largely she called for broad social change and said her husband was the one who would deliver it.

"We need a man - a person who happens to be a man - who can connect with these issues and is ready to turn the page," she said.

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