Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Mrs. Obama: Campaign is full speed ahead"

Iowa News:
The presidential race of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama is moving along at full speed, according to his wife, Michelle Obama, who visited Council Bluffs Friday.

"The campaign is tremendous, the momentum has not died down," she said to a packed house at Bayliss Park Hall.

This presidential race is all about which candidate the people can best connect with, the one who they trust the most, she said.

"Quality and character of leadership matters," Obama said.

She praised her husband's commitment in helping his fellow citizens, such as being a community organizer in Chicago early in his career.

"He knew he had an obligation to do that," Obama said.

It's hoped everyone will participate in the Iowa caucuses because this is an important election in this country's history, Obama said.

"This is about engaging or re-engaging the American people in democracy," she said.

Her husband received some controversy early in the campaign for being a smoker, but he doesn't do that anymore, Obama told reporters afterwards.

"He hasn't smoked since Christmas," she said. "It sends a message to the rest of the country: 'Don't smoke.'"

Her husband knows there are lots of opinion polls out there.

"The challenge is to stay true to who you are and what this campaign is all about," she said.

Voters should also select who they think is the best candidate and not because "they may be a woman or an African-American," Obama said.



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