Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Racy internet video praises Obama" (with video)

ABC7 Chicago, with video:
Presidential candidate Barack Obama is the subject of some new internet affection. A racy video is flying around the internet featuring a scantily clad woman singing his praises. It is the latest example of how individuals armed with a camera and creativity can influence an election.

This video is going viral. That means it is gaining popularity by the hour. It is at the top of most watched videos on the ABC News website and it is gaining clicks on YouTube. But these sizzling web videos may not always help the person being plugged.

She calls herself "Obama Girl" and she seductively sings Barack Obama's praises.

"You're into border security / Let's break this border between you and me."

Nearly 1,000 people have already watched it on YouTube and it's quickly igniting heated debate on message boards.

One Obama fan worries it may backfire. Another poster mocks the lyrics writing "anyone who believes universal healthcare will make them 'warm' has never sat endlessly waiting in a hospital gown for care."

But before die-hard Democrats dare to drool -- Obama Girl isn't for real. She's a model. The brainchild of five Obama fans from Philly who hope its helps their candidate.

"The average person can have a huge impact on election beyond just every vote counts. The web changed everything and this is an example of that," said Ben Rellis, video creator.

These five friends say they have no affiliation with the Obama campaign. They spent a few thousand dollars of their own money to produce the video hoping, in part, to help one of their song writing careers.

The Obama campaign took some heat a few months back when one of their freelancers created an internet video trashing Hillary Rodham Clinton, so these viral videos can backfire.

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