Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Seattle Cheers"

(above pictures courtesy of the AP via Yahoo! News)

And cheer you did. The crowd of Seattleites who showed up for the Seattle Kick-Off is estimated at 3,500. Needless to say, the WaMu Theater was packed, and for good reason. The Seattle Times article touches on what brings you and me, your neighbors and family together: the common drive to transform our country.

Such honest enthusiasm was in the cheering crowds, but it was also in the camaraderie as many Obama supporters lined up before the doors opened.

The Seattle and Washington State based groups did a great job organizing what was a great Kick-Off if ever there was one. Be sure to get involved with your local group of Obama supporters to find out when Barack will be in town, but further, to join in with those who Walk for Change and spread the word about the difference we can make in America together.

Between hearing from Chris (campaign videographer and generally great guy) and all the news stories on yesterday's rally in Seattle, the phrase that kept popping up was how the thousands cheered.


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