Thursday, July 19, 2007

"$46 for Obama's 46th"

Chicago Tribune:
For the man who has almost everything, what to give the junior senator from Illinois?
A growing group of supporters nationwide thinks it has the answer: 46 bucks.

As Sen. Barack Obama prepares to celebrate his 46th birthday on Aug. 4, small donors across the nation are getting their credit cards ready to donate that much to his Democratic presidential bid, which is already raising record sums.

Others are organizing birthday party events.

A "Happy Birthday Barack" gathering, for example, is planned for a bar in Sacramento, Calif. "The donation is just $46 dollars per ticket," an online invitation reads. "What a great birthday present for the senator."

Still others are planning acts of charity in his name. A group of supporters in Dallas, for example, is organizing a food drive to benefit the North Texas Food Bank.

No word yet on how Obama will spend his birthday, which falls on a Saturday. But I've got my money on a dinner in Chicago, before a trip to Iowa Sunday.



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