Sunday, July 29, 2007

"New polls: Obama strongest in general election, Romney leading GOP in Iowa"

USA Today:
Real Clear Politics has posted the results of three new polls. One shows Democrat Barack Obama to be a stronger general-election candidate than fellow Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. A second shows a three-way statistical tie for the Republican nomination. A third shows Democrat John Edwards and Republican Mitt Romney leading in Iowa, the first caucus state.

• The bipartisan Battleground Poll finds that Republican Rudy Giuliani beats Clinton by 6 percentage points but loses to Obama by 9 points. Both Democrats would beat Republican Fred Thompson -- Clinton by 2 points and Obama by 23 points.

• A national poll sponsored by Hotline, the online daily roundup of political news, puts Giuliani first in the GOP field at 20%, followed by Thompson at 19% and John McCain at 17%. Romney trails at 8%. Clinton has a 9-point edge over Obama.

• A Research 2000 poll of Iowa has Edwards at 27% followed by Clinton at 22%, Obama at 16% and Bill Richardson at 11%. On the Republican side, it's Romney at 25%, Thompson at 14%, Giuliani at 13% and McCain at 10%.



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