Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Official Debut of the MyDD Obama Team"

lovingj on MyDD:

Welcome to the debut of the regular Obama weekly news. It is my intent to continue this on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the primaries. Any one who wants to help with this effort let me know in the comments or send me a hollar through my youtube account at lovingj1. Also, any strong Obama supporters who want to be considered part of the MyDD Obama team should show their support by beginning their diaries with the new MyDD Obama team logo I have created.


Iceberslim requested that we provide a logo for the DailyKos Obama supporters so I went ahead and made one. Iceberg will be leading the charge on a weekly Obama news diary (released on Sundays) at DailyKos. Please be sure to visit her weekly updates.

Any other supporters who want represent the DailyKos Obama team, feel free to use the logo at the start of your diaries.

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