Monday, July 09, 2007

"Student Will Dine With Obama"

13WMAZ (GA):
Christina Cheatham is one of four people selected nationwide to have dinner with the man she says should be America's next president, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

"My mom actually asked me, 'are you sure it's not a scam? Are they going to ask you for money?' I was like 'no mom!'"

Several months ago, Cheatham, who was initially interested in an internship with Barack Obama, wrote an essay on his Myspace page, sent a $5 donation and forgot about it. That is until her phone rang last week.

"They were like, 'so do you want to go Tuesday?' I'm like, 'the internship? What?' Because I'd already thought the dinner was taken. 'What internship? No! Do you want to go eat dinner with Barack Obama?' I'm like, 'oh! Yeah! Sure!'"

"I'd be excited! That'd be really cool and I would want to really dig into some of the details so I could ask him some questions."

That's exactly what Cheatham plans to do. In fact, she compiled a notebook of issues and questions for the Illinois senator including immigration, Alzheimer's disease and the HOPE scholarship.

CHRISTINA CHEATHAM, OBAMA SUPPORTER: "He has goals but he also recognizes the need for cooperation. It's not just about Barack Obama. Out of all the candidates I just feel Barack Obama would be the best direction for America."

Cheatham recently made that support public, becoming one of Obama's 137,000 Myspace friends. But she says, don't call her Obama Obsessed.

"I'm not an Obama nut either. It's not like, 'oh my gosh! Obama you're so awesome!' But I like Obama as a candidate and I would think I would like him as a person."

She'll find that out soon enough.

Cheatham is a rising senior at Georgia College and State University, double majoring in Psychology and Political Science.

She says she will vote for Obama next November if he wins the primary unless something drastically changes.

The Obama Campaign says it wanted a diverse group for the dinner.

Also selected to attend are a hunger volunteer from the Bronx, New York, a miner from Nevada and a mother of two boys from Louisiana whose husband is serving in Iraq.



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