Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Text Responses From The AFL-CIO Forum"

Scott Goodstein (
I had a great time tonight responding to your text messages while I was sitting in the upper deck of Soldier Field watching the AFL-CIO Presidential Forum.

Here are some of the comments people sent in throughout the evening by texting their thoughts to OBAMA (62262) from around the country:
*Randy in Greenville, South Carolina texted, "Barack was crystal clear in his call for fundamental change! he was resolute, a statesman not a showman."

*Cole in Arkansas texted, "Obama's response on Pakistan was great and firmly established him as a confident and able commander in chief to better fight the war on terror."

*Kassie in Eagle, ID texted, "Obama is the only 1 who spoke TO the people instead of at the camera! He stood firm and won't allow them to trip him up with misleading barbs!"

*Jennifer from Homestead, FL texted, "He seems in his element in his realm of intellect and compassion stands up 4 himself w/pride and dignity i love it."

*Lonnie in Kentucky texted, "Finally a candidate who stands their ground even when under scrutiny. Barack the most consistent candidate from any party. He did really well."

*Cedric from Los Angeles, texted "Senator Obama is right on target. He spoke with passion and conviction regarding the Iraq and Pakistan questions. He has a full understanding of our foreign policies!"

*Demory, in Hephzibah, GA "I like the fact that no matter what he is asked he has a great,honest and direct answer.thats what I am looking for so I can make my first vote matter and change."

*Persephone in Los Angeles, CA texted "Wisdom, hope and conviction dont come from years worn down by politics as usual. Keep up the good work." You have my vote!

*Jerrett in Trenton, NJ texted, "Its refreshing that Senator Obama actually answers the questions that are posed to him."

*Jeff in Cedarburg, WI. Texted in "If there ever was a reason to vote Obama, the problems with unions and its workers are Barack's expertise in organizing people."

*Saunta in Inglewood, CA texted, "Obama was great this evening. He was by far the best on the panel. Especially when they all tried to attack him regarding Pakistan and he came back solid."

Please add your thoughts to the comments section below or text them to OBAMA (62262).



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