Monday, September 17, 2007

"Barack Obama's wife stops in Anderson"

Independent Mail (SC):
Speaking before a crowd of more than 360, Michelle Obama asked supporters to help her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barrack Obama.

Mrs. Obama was in Anderson Monday stumping for her husband and in her nearly 45-minute speech, she told voters her husband was ready for the office, but he needed their help to get there.
“The question is not whether or not Barrack is ready,” she said. “The question is ‘Are you ready?’ This is a serious question … Are you really ready? Are you tired of being led by fear, manipulated by cynicism, … of giving up your seat to someone else? … Are you ready to strip off your cynicism and roll up your sleeves and get to work?”

What the campaign needed, she said, was for those excited about Mr. Obama’s mission and vision to each bring another 30 to 40 people to the campaign.

Terry Metcalf of Seneca said she would be working to help spread the word.

“I’m going to be encouraging my neighbors and family and friends to vote, and to vote for who I like, Mr. Obama,” she said. “I think he’s the man who’s going to do the job.”

Vanessa Beaty of Anderson agreed.

“I think she hit on a lot of topics we’ve been looking forward to hearing about,” Ms. Beaty said. “It’s something new and different, something refreshing. We’ve had the same old routine for so long and we need something fresh and new.”

For 16-year-old Chardae Anderson, an Anderson native now living in Greenville, the message was an inspiring one.

“I’ve never heard a politician talk like that,” she said of Mrs. Obama. “I was very touched…. I want to be a lawyer and I want to go to Harvard (like Sen. Obama). It makes me want to step-up my game and make the sacrifices that need to be made to do what I want to do.”

Although too young to vote, she said she would be helping as much as she could on the campaign.

After the 3:30 p.m. speech, Mrs. Obama was scheduled to return home to Chicago, said Kevin Griffis, spokesman for the campaign.

“She likes to get home to put their daughters to bed,” he said.

Mr. Griffis said Sen. Obama would make a campaign stop on Thursday in Rock Hill.

Mrs. Obama alluded to that visit in her speech.

“We need you to stand with us and work with us,” she said. “We can do this, when we do it together. Barrack is coming back here (South Carolina), and on that day… I want the rolls here doubled, I want this room full, so he’ll know I was here.”

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