Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Help Barack win the West!"

Suzanne L Gelderman, Deputy Director of Western Caucus States, Obama for America (email):
Hello Team West! Thanks to all of you who joined one of the conference calls last night – it was great to hear what you have been up to in your states. Here’s the first way you can help us out in Colorado – and the best way for us to win in WA, OR, WY, and MT is to win the Feb. 5 caucuses in states like Colorado.

Volunteers in Washington and Oregon agreed to make 100 calls by next Wednesday – less than 20 a day – to invite people to the voter registration drive and mock caucus “mockus” trainings that we’re having around the state. These calls are SO important since you have to be a registered Democrat to participate in the Feb. 5 caucus and vote for Barack...and the deadline to register as a Democrat is Dec. 5! So we have less than 30 days to make sure our supporters can support Barack in the primary.

Here is the link for the event:

Here is the link for the call tool – please shoot me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.

Thanks for your help! Together we can win the Western states for Barack!
Suzanne L Gelderman
Deputy Director of Western Caucus States

303.825.3408 (office)
303.818.2588 (cell)



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