Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Liveblogging the JJ: The Sign War" (with photos)

Jaime Mulligan's blog on, with flickr slideshow:
It is sign war time. Right now all the campaigns are here in the lobby. The doors open at 7. You can only have five people from any given campaign inside the the hall at any given time.

So we have teams of runners (fired up and) ready to go. The energy in here is amazing. It is definitely, definitely game time.

It's all about organization. And we have it. Here's some pictures of team Obama preparing signs, organizing, stretching, cheering, and generally getting revved up for the massive sign war about to ensue.

7:03 pm. The sign war just started. You can see people darting through the hall, whistles are blowing. Our second team of runners just came out, and the next group moved into position.

There are some people who only have one job: stand there with tape all over them for people running by with posters to grab if needed.

This goes on until 9. It really is all about being organized, and in a way, is no different from what our team does here every day. Work together, involve everyone, and show what this campaign is all about: dedication to changing the world, one step at a time.

8:11 pm. Some pictures:

6:42 pm. So if you've never been to the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, you may not know that the walls of the room the dinner takes place in are covered in huge handmade signs and posters. And you also may not know that those handmade signs and posters all get put up during a sign war the night before the JJ itself.



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