Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Obama Challenges Clinton’s ‘Textbook’"

NY Times political blog, The Caucus:
SPARTANBURG, S.C. — A quick note to say that Barack Obama just unleashed a corker of a speech that had students here at Converse College on their feet and cheering. He painted a bold new picture of a world in which he were president and that brought wild applause.

He also made several references to Hillary Clinton. He said she’s “a colleague and a friend, she’s a skilled politician and she’s run so far what Washington would call a textbook campaign.”

But, he added, “The problem I have, and the disagreement we have, is with the textbook itself.”

He said that textbook — not Mrs. Clinton, but the textbook — “says very little about how to bring the country together. It encourages vague, calculated answers instead of clear consistent principles about how you would lead America.”
Howie P.S.: Full text here.



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