Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Clinton apologizes to Obama"

First Read (MSNBC):

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
Clinton New Hampshire spokeswoman Kathleen Strand says Clinton has apologized to Obama personally for Bill Shaheen's comments that Obama's past drug use could be used against him by Republicans in a general election:

"Sen. Clinton personally apologized to Sen. Obama this morning, and reiterated that this was not anything that came from the campaign or that we condone."

At an Obama camp presser in New Hampshire, essentially, they said Billy Shaheen's comment was part a pattern of remarks coming from the campaign, and that negative attacks won't stand.

At this time, the Clinton campaign says it isn't planning any response to the Obama event, but that could change. And, Shaheen, the campaign says, will be unavailable for comment.

*** UPDATE *** State Senator Martha Fuller Clark, Obama NH co-chair was asked if he wants to see further action from the Clinton camp, including possibly removing Shaheen: "We’re calling upon the Clinton campaign to return to discussing the real issues that are important to the voters of New Hampshire. That’s what we want the campaign to do. We want them to have a positive campaign here in New Hampshire, not negative attacks."

Former NH Dem chair Ned Helms, an Obama NH co-chair, was asked if he accepted the Clinton camp's claim that this was an unauthorized quote and not condoned by the camp: "We heard that a week or so ago out in Iowa with the first person who was sending out emails. Then we heard it again last week in Iowa. And I think that’s the same explanation we heard this week.

"I suppose you could say, well the first time, that’s just what happened and it’s too bad. And then the second time that happened. But when you see a pattern of people making statements, and then there’s the follow up statement that, ‘Oh that wasn’t authorized,’ it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s a thread going on here. And what Martha and I are saying is, how many times are we gonna see the isolated incident followed by the denial before we just simply say would you please stop? Let’s get back to the campaign."

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