Friday, December 07, 2007

"Confessions of an ObamaBoy"

OpEd News:

I have a crush on Obama. It’s the brilliant mind, toothy grin, tailored suits, sardonic wit, audacity, vivaciousness and (dare I say?), animal magnetism and sexual dynamism. I confess, I adore Michelle Obama.

She will, I believe, given the circumstance of a Barack Obama presidency, instantly become the most captivating First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. She might even be president herself some day! (Who would have thought, when Hillary Clinton was standing by her man during the famous post-Super Bowl 60 Minutes interview, that she would eventually become a contender for the Democratic nomination?) Michelle Obama in the White House – a splendid image indeed! 40 years ago, when Michelle was a precocious little girl in Chicago, Martin Luther King dreamed of such a thing.

Robert Sargent is co-owner of a Washington State commercial printing company with operations in Seattle and Redmond. He has an Economics degree from the University of Washington and occasionally plays alto sax with the Husky alumni band. An amateur economist, investor and photographer, and fiscally conservative moderate at heart, Robert has been a "yellow-dog Democrat" since the Bush administration "began screwing up the world beyond repair". Active in local and national political races, Mr. Sargent ("Sarge") was a delegate for John Kerry and is now supporting Barack Obama. A news and politics junkie and occasional workaholic, his non-work time is spent (not in order) with his wife of 17 years and 2 kids, blogging in front of the TV, reading, cooking, spectator sports (NCAA hoops & football, MLB, NFL) taking pictures, and participating in a famously progressive Presbyterian church.

Howie P.S.: I'm an ObamaBoy, too.

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