Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Despite terrible roads, Obama presses on"

The Swamp (Chicago Tribune's political blog):
URBANDALE, Iowa – Despite the cold and snow, Sen. Barack Obama drew what organizers here described as a crowd of about 600, including some sitting in an overflow area outside a hotel ballroom.
Earlier this evening, he attracted about 200 to Waukee, Iowa, despite a near blizzard outside.

Road conditions in the Des Moines area are not nearly as bad as those outside the metro area, where Obama was earlier today. There, conditions are dangerous, at best.

The Illinois Democrat arrived about 90 minutes behind schedule in Waukee, after his caravan crawled along snow-packed and slippery roads from an earlier stop about 30 miles away.

"Thanks so much for braving this weather," he told the crowd of about 200 at a school there. "You must all work at the post office."

Even Obama acknowledged that the roads were "pretty tough."

As he asked for those in the audience to sign supporter cards, he commented again on the heartiness of the crowd. "If you are here tonight, you're pretty committed," he said.

Veterans of the Iowa caucus process frequently comment on the need to turn voters out on a night when it is almost always cold and often snowy. It is hard to imagine a winter evening with worse conditions than tonight.



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