Sunday, December 23, 2007

"NH's 2nd largest Newspaper Endorses Obama"

andyj2287's diary on Kos:
From the editorial page of Sunday's Nashua Telegraph: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is the best choice for Democrats in the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 8. He is the candidate with the greatest chance of reaching across the aisle – of resonating with moderate and independent voters needed to capture the general election – while maintaining the core principles of his party.

And he best represents what Democrats are looking for this year: a change from the status quo, a genuine and authentic voice for hope and healing during difficult and divisive times. andyj2287's diary :: ::

  • Nashua is New Hampshire's second largest city, but more importantly is considered one of the major battlegrounds in the state as Manchester, the most populous, has been labeled as a Hillary stronghold by many.
    It should be noted that Manchester's Union Leader, the state's largest newspaper, effectively recommended that NH Democrats choose Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton

    Update #1: They tipped their hand a bit earlier this week, unleashing an editorial questioning Hillary Clinton's leadership following the negative attacks:

    The Clinton campaign has been the target of criticism recently for unauthorized attacks by staffers on Barack Obama....
    Although not official actions of the Clinton campaign, these sleazy tactics raise questions about her leadership.

    The Telegraph's interview with Sen. Obama can be viewed here



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