Monday, December 17, 2007

"St. Louisans travel to Iowa for Barack Obama" (video)

adfrench, with video, (12:48):
I spent 11 hours on a bus yesterday riding to and from Iowa to campaign in a snow storm for Barack Obama. I was one of 130 St. Louisans — including a statewide elected official, two state senators and a former mayor — that made the long trek on a snowy Saturday morning because we believe Senator Obama is the best person to restore America's promise of hope and greatness.

After I get a bit more rest, I'll piece together some video and photos from the trip for you all to see. But here are a few thoughts about the journey.

First, it was remarkable to see the wide range of people whose lives Obama has touched and to whom he brings personal inspiration.

It was former St. Louis mayor Vince Schoemehl who told the rest of our group yesterday that every generation has a great and inspirational leader — in the same tradition as Presidents J.F.K. and F.D.R. For this generation, he said, that man is Barack Obama.

Along with Mayor Schoemehl, other believers on board included State Auditor Susan Montee from St. Joe, MO; State Senators Maida Coleman and Jeff Smith (St. Louis City); St. Louis Aldermen Kacie Starr Triplett (6th Ward) and Sam Moore (4th Ward); Northwoods Alderman Errol Bush; Committeewoman Yaphett El-Amin (1st Ward); and dozens of students, professionals, educators, teens, and homemakers.



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