Monday, January 28, 2008


Ari Melber, with video (18:45):
Barack Obama's South Carolina victory speech skyrocketed to the top of YouTube on Monday, shooting past new footage of a topless Britney Spears and netting over 323,000 views so far.

Obama and Britney have actually been battling on YouTube since last week, when he shot past two videos of a (fully clothed) Spears trailed by paparazzi. Obama's speech is also the second most "favorited" video of the day on YouTube, just behind a personal message from Ron Paul. (Paul does not draw as many overall viewers, but he has the most views of any Republican candidate, and his motivated supporters consistently choose his clips as their favorites.) And today the Obama Campaign rushed out another video of his endorsement event with Ted Kennedy -- we'll see if the liberal lion can also rival the pop culture competition.

The Kennedy and Paul videos are below. If you want Britney, go find her yourself.

Howie P.S.: You will have to find the Paul video yourself, as well.

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