Friday, January 18, 2008

"Call to Action: 43rd Legislative District Obama Supporters"

Devon Alisa Abdallah (email):
The Obama campaign in Washington State has decided to stream line the organizing process and organize by Legislative District, then precinct! Andy, Michelle and Devon are the "Legislative District Captains" for the 43rd Legislative District and are here to assist you!!!

At this time, we are focusing on getting people to the Saturday February 9th Caucus in support of Obama. In Washington State, the caucus is the only time your vote will count towards the Democratic Presidential Candidate. The Democratic Party in Washington State does not look at the Primary. You must attend in person the February 9th Caucus if you want your vote to count.

We are looking for Precinct Captains to turn out Obama supporters to the February 9th Caucus. This does not involve much work, just contacting already identified Obama supporters in the precinct (we'll even give you a list of Obama supporters by precinct). (See Precinct Captain 101 below for more details). We even have a script to phone people!

If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Captain, please contact Andy at If you are unable to be a Precinct Captain but plan on attending the caucus in support of Obama, please contact Andy as well with your name, contact info and precinct.

Thank you for your continued support!

Andy, Devon, Michelle
Questions? Contact one of us:

Andy -

Devon -

Michelle -
Howie P.S.: Here's Precinct Captain 101 and some other useful info:
� To locate your precinct and/or caucus location go to - enter your last name and zip code, then click on your last name, voila your precinct number and caucus show up J

� The Obama Campaign is offering weekly caucus trainings on Sundays from 1-3 pm at the Volunteer Office in Pioneer Square 614 1st Avenue.

� You can register to vote at the February 9th Caucus or online at

� You can attend the caucus, if you are 17 years old but you will be able to vote by 4 November 2008

� If you plan on moving between the caucus and the November election, you should attend the caucus of your new precinct

Precinct Captain 101

Precinct Captains turn out Obama supporters to the February 9th Caucuses by:

Doorbelling Your Precinct:

v We'll email you walking lists of voters in your precinct.

v Find a map of your precinct ( /about/OrgInfo.aspx?ld=43) or ( )

v Take some flyers with you

( along with the caucus locations (43rd District Democrats will announce final locations by 2/1/08 - hopefully the locations will remain the same though

v Make sure you open with, "Hi, I'm John/Jane Doe, a neighbor, and I'm volunteering with the Obama for President Campaign." People are receptive to their neighbors and volunteers. If they are for Obama or undecided, give them the flyer, caucus location and time. If they are Clinton, Edwards, etc. supporters, smile, thank them and make a hasty exit. We aren't in the business of helping the other side. However, we will all be on the same side in November so be nice. We can provide a script for those who would like one.

Phone Your Precinct:

v Some of you live in precincts that are mainly apartments and doorbelling is not possible. If the walking lists come with phone numbers, use the same process as doorbelling (remember to identify yourself as a neighbor and a volunteer).

v If not, more challenging. The Capitol Hill Library has the Cole Directory which contains a reverse phone directory, phone numbers arranged by addresses. The librarians will be happy to help you figure it out. You can also look online at

v You might try leaving flyers in apartment building lobbies or on neighbors doors.

Represent Obama at the Caucus:

v Consider setting up a meeting location with Obama supporters in your precinct before the caucuses and going together. Strength in numbers! Meeting before the caucus at a local caf� or coffee shop also is reassuring for people who may feel uncomfortable or intimidated by attending the caucus by themselves

v Also consider wearing your Obama pin or a sticker at the caucus

v Be visible at the caucus and greet fellow supporters. Connect with any uncommitted attendees. Your passion and Barack's policies will surely bring them over to our side.

v You or another supporter should be prepared to make a brief (usually 1-2 minutes) statement on behalf of the campaign. As a best practice have a few notes jotted down on a piece of paper, but most of all share why you are passionate about Obama - your sincerity with show and help bring undecideds over. If you need policy points - check out the brochure at the beginning of this guide.

Things to Remember:

v You do not need to be a delegate for Obama (unless you want to)

v Just show up at the caucus supporting Obama and get as many other Obama supporters there as well!

Best Practices:

v Meet up with members from your fellow precinct before and go together.

v If possible get Obama stickers, pins, ribbons, beads whatever to help identify your group as Obama supporters.

Devon Alisa Abdallah, Ph.D.



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