Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"A timely project, help is appreciated"

Grant Lahmann, Washington State, Obama for America:
Hi All,

National has asked me to find 25 supporter housing beds for potential out of state volunteers and/or staff. We need a place for someone to sleep, rinse off in a shower and brush their teeth from as early as this coming SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 through the February 9 th caucus. These out of staters will be responsible for their own food, they just need a place to come in after a long night's work and rest. This is something we'd like to have 'in our back pocket' so we can be ready if this type of resource allocation is decided upon by the National Campaign, I don't have a guarantee that we have 25 people headed into the state on Sunday at this point. But working to be ready for that will definitely increase our chances of it happening.

To manage this process, I've created a gmail account to receive the offers. As you spread the word and find friendly folks willing to put someone up, please send an email yourself, or have them send in to, using the following template….

Subject: Supporter Housing

Name: Last, First

Address: 1234 Hope Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Best Contact Phone: _______________ (preferably cell if they're comfortable with that, if not home is great)


Number willing to host: 1 – 25

1st Available Date: January 20 (ideally)

Stipulations: female only, male only, etc. (these usually don't come up and I wouldn't bring it up with anyone unless they do)

Any other notes they deem important: Cats, dogs, etc.

Please email me with specific questions, however if you find a spot please send the above information to

Thanks so much,


(360) 464-7141



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