Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Obama wins big in south seattle caucus"


Goldy_and_s_furer104 We just got back from the comfortable Democratic confines of the comfortably Democratic precinct caucus in the comfortable confines of our comfortably Democratic Seattle neighborhood in our comfortably Democratic Legislative district.

Held in a elementary school, there were easily over 500 souls + small children in a little ol' neighborhood precinct accustomed to dozens.

We were happy to see our comfortably Democratic neighbors, ex-KIRO talker, blogger David Goldstein and 710KIRO News and Program Coordinator/PSA Director Stephanie Furer, who assists PD Rod Arquette. (photo left: Stephanie's the one with the hair).

(We tried to sweet talk Ms Furer into giving us a little Eastlake dish, but she turned into a Sphinx, flipped her hair in that funny little way she has, and "accidentally" tromped on our be-Birkenstocked toe sending us yelping over to huddle with a group of environmentalists who'd set up a tent in a corner).

Seeing that we were amidst a probably overwhelming sea of Obamanians, we caucused with the hugely minority Hillary Clinton clan in a classroom full of our neighbors.

With one exceptionally female exception, we were a reserved clutch of white men, sticking to the edge of the room looking at our shoes (in our case, sandals) trying to pretend we mattered, but not wanting anyone to think we thought we did.Curtis10982_3

Turned out: we didn't. We coulda stood in bed. There weren't enough Hillarys to seat a single delegate from our little corner of Seattle heaven.

But from our perspective from so many years as None of The Above voters, we couldn't get too het up over the probable choice of the room... or the precinct, or Seattle.

It's being reported that Obama is sweeping the state. Check here for Goldy's updating postings at Huffington Post.

(photo aabaovae: Curtis, who, with his Mom and his t-shirt, helped whip Hillary Clinton's butt in Seattle today).

It was a win/win race for us and the rest of the Democrats.

We loved that no one in the building was beaten, and robbed of their wallets as has happened in the thuggish Republican caucuses around the nation, today.

(Let's face it Republicans aren't as nice as we are, it's a matter of values).



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