Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SHOUT OUT TO SEATTLE: "Join us this evening to influence the outcome of today's historical election"

Paul Cifka (EMAIL):
Our fabulous supporters at the Showbox SoDo have setup a dual Results Watching Party and adjacent Phonebank room. Even if we each only make 5 calls, it can make a difference. If you already are going to another results watch party, feel free to stop by and make a few calls and say hello on your way to your next event.

We will watch the delegate counts pour in on six big plasma screens & through the Showbox SoDo sound system. For those who want to take ACTION and help influence the results, bring your laptop and a cell phone to call Obama supporters in Feb. 5th states and remind them to vote during the crucial final hours before the polls close. Feel free to also bring your local WA call lists to tackle as well. Come and be a part of this historical moment.

The Showbox SoDo, 1700 1st Ave South, two blocks South of the stadiums, where Sen. Obama spoke Dec. 11 (NOT THE ORIGINAL SHOWBOX LOCATION ACROSS FROM THE PIKE PLACE MARKET). Happy hour all night!



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