Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Party Leader" Shanna Sawatzki Chosen as Denver delegate

Shanna Sawatzki has been in a leader in the grassroots efforts in Washington to elect Barack Obama President of the United States. Shanna was elected at last weekend's Washington state Democratic convention in Spokane, along with State Representative Jeanine Kohl-Welles, Spokane County Democratic Chair Kristina Reeves,State Senator Chris Marr, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, Steve Stuart, and State Representative Dave Upthegrove as part of the "Party leaders and elected officials" group. According to the Northwest Progressive Institute Official Blog, they "are visible figures within the party." It is a well-deserved honor for Shanna and a welcome recognition of the role the "Obamaroots" are playing in the presidential election in Washington state. Shanna has posted "Shanna is soooo stoked about being a Nat'l Obama Delegate" on her Facebook profile.

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