Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Decency" (with video)

Al Giordano posts Tim Kaine's appearance on "Face the Nation" (video, 09:19) and says this:
I'm thinking, at least right now, that this guy is looking like the wingman of 2008.

That's not yet a prediction. It's an instinct.
And he quotes Wes Clark, Jr. on his dad's chances of being on the ticket, but here's the bottom line:
Don't hold your breath on the VP nom. I've seen no sign that Obama ever considered him for the job.
Giordano ends by dismissing Bayh's fortunes:
The Bayh boomlet hits a wall:
Mr. Bayh's support of authorizing force in Iraq stands in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama's oft-stated view that he showed the good judgment to oppose the conflict from the start. After his vote, Mr. Bayh in early 2003 joined Mr. McCain as an honorary co-chairman of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which made regime change in Iraq its central cause.



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