Thursday, August 21, 2008

"What Makes Denver Different: The Nation's DNC Preview" (with video)

The Nation, with video (02:37):
Great politicians have historically been able to connect their constituents to something larger than themselves and to create an excitement that extends beyond their speeches and photo ops. Ari Melber explains how Obama has employed an "organizing philosophy" and sparked his own refreshing political movement like that of successful Democratic leaders of the past and unlike defeated left-wing candidates of recent years. Obama's ability to attract historic crowds and to connect with people beyond the stadium will make this year's convention an overwhelming experience for Nation correspondents, politicians and everyone watching at home.
Howie P.S.: In other Ari Melber-related news, he linked to my post on the Hempfest voter registration drive and put it in context: "Micro-targeting the Pot Vote."



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