Friday, January 25, 2008

Made in Seattle: "Obama supporters write new musical single Fired Up" (with audio)

Bergevin Brothers Music, with audio (06:27) and a slideshow:
Jon and Joe produce a Support Song for the Senator Obama Presidential 2008 Campaign--
This past few weeks Jon and Joe have been very busy writing a new song called "Fired Up, Ready to Go" to support the Obama campaign. This week was the culmination of their story. They assembled a top group of talent including The Total Experience Gospel Choir, Pearl Jam Drummer Matt Cameron, Osama Afifi - Bass player, Arturo Rodriguez - Latin Percussion, Frank Seeberger - Guitar

To record and film a music video in hopes that the campaign will pick it up.

This was a monumental effort and assembling all the talent including the studio Columbia City Theater in Seattle was done in a period of only a few days. All efforts by all the talent were donated. The real story here is in how inspired and fired up, people really are by Senator Obama. The music speaks for itself. A rousing and uplifting song that sings of the greatness of this country and its people.
Howie P.S.: After the song, you can listen to John Repp's KOMO AM Radio Report featuring Matt Cameron.

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