Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Dinner and an Obama"

John McCormick (Chicago Tribune):
With the end of the second quarter fast approaching, the fundraising gimmicks are going full blast.

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s campaign delivered Wednesday afternoon with an appetizing offer: contribute just a few dollars and win a chance to have dinner with the junior senator from Illinois.

“If you've ever thought about making a donation to join our campaign, now is the time. In the next week, four supporters will be selected for a new kind of fundraising dinner. We're reserving two of those seats for new donors like you,” the pitch to supporters reads. “If you make a donation in any amount between now and … June 13, you could join Barack and three other supporters for an intimate dinner for five.”

Candidates are racing to build up their fundraising totals in advance of the June 30 deadline for the second quarter. No word yet on who will pick up the tab, or where or when the meal will happen.
Howie P.S.: Go here to contribute.



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