Friday, June 29, 2007

"Join 'Conversation' With Barack Obama" (with video)

WMUR-TV (NH), with video:
- Presidential candidate Barack Obama shared his views on the war in Iraq, health care and global warming with an audience of New Hampshire voters.

Obama answered questions in "Conversation with the Candidate," an ongoing series produced by WMUR-TV in New Hampshire in which the candidates for president discuss issues on the minds of voters.

The senator from Illinois said that he wants to bring people together to solve the country's problems.

"People have a sense that how we've been doing our business isn't working," Obama said. "We've got a health care system that's broken. We have a lack of an energy policy that leads us to send millions of dollars every day overseas to some of the most hostile nations on Earth. ... We've got a war that I believe should have never been authorized and should have never been waged."You can watch the entire program as it aired on WMUR-TV along with a special, online-only bonus half-hour by clicking on the links above. You can hear Obama in front of a studio audience give his thoughts on illegal immigration, Iraq and global warming.You can also take part in future conversations by sending in your questions. Find out how by clicking here.



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