Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Obama Will Reveal His Earmarks, Challenges Other Prez Hopefuls To Follow Suit"

Greg Sargent:
This is interesting: Barack Obama is vowing to detail all his earmark requests today and is challenging his Presidential rivals to do the same.

Obama, who's tried to be out front on good government and ethics issues, is apparently the first Presidential hopeful to do this.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton says that Obama will detail his earmarks today by posting a 113-item list on his Senate office website.

Burton emailed us the following quote challenging the other candidates to follow suit:

As a matter of transparency and good government, Obama thinks itÂ’s important that voters know who their candidates are, what their sources of income are and whether they have any potential conflicts. We would hope that other candidates follow suit in disclosing their earmarks as well.

Not a huge deal, but clearly, a challenge to Hillary.

Update: Here's the list of Obama's earmarks.



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