Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Let’s Play “Democrat or Republican”: The Racial Politics Round"

Think On These Things:
In this game, contestants, please select whether a Democrat did it or a Republican did it.
Round 1: Racial Politics

1: Which party has a candidate appearing now on the cover of a major magazine beside the headline, “Can A White Man Still Be Elected President?” (h/t Jack and Jill Politics)

2: Which party had one of its candidates’ wives talking to white people in Georgia saying, “You know _____, reminds me a lot of Jesse Helms”?

3: Which party had one of its’ candidates’ wives complain to a media outlet that “We can’t make ____ black, we can’t make him a woman?”

4: Which party had one of its’ candidates’ caught talking to an all-white crowd in Iowa when the media weren’t around making comments like, “It’s not just a question of whose vision you are impressed with…I think it’s just a reality that I can campaign any place in America *wink wink*”?

Bonus round (Gender Politics):

5: Which party had one of its’ candidates’ wives say of another female candidate, “Sometimes you have to act like a man and not talk about women’s issues”?

Howie P.S.: For the answers, go here. Hint:

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