Thursday, September 27, 2007

"URGENT REQUEST: Opportunity to Talk to Barack! $5 donation challenge"

Shanna Sawatzki (email):
Good news King County for Obama and Washington for Obama! We are in the top three groups nationwide for group fundraising (measured by # of contributors) with both of these groups.

The groups that get the most people to make a donation on their group fundraising page will get a chance to participate in a conference call with Barack this October!!!
Will you give on our groups' fundraising pages? Please contribute $5 or more to each group before Sept 30th for an opportunity to talk to Barack!!! Remember it's the # of contributors that matters most!
Donation Links are below (click thermometer to donate):
**donations on Washingtonians for Obama fundraising page also contribute to our sign drive--for every $500 raised, we get 250 yard signs to distribute in WA State!**
--Make sure to join King County for Obama and Washingtonians for Obama 2008 groups on to make sure you get the details on the conference call if we win!
Guidelines on the challenge can be found here.

Thanks so much for your help in growing the movement to elect Barack Obama for President!!!



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