Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Obama Fires Up Iowa Support Online"

WIRED with video (10:00):
Barack Obama's campaign has just posted a new video online that attempts to prod his Iowa supporters into action.

"Iowa, you have the chance to show the rest of the country what's possible: An end to the war in Iraq; health care for every American; and a more open, honest government we can believe in again," Obama tells his online audience in the 10-minute online video. "Democrats across the country will be watching to see what you decide, and what happens in Iowa will shape this race like no other event. Visit to learn more about the process, and for up to date details on caucus locations, ... and its your chance to lead."

The video then shows Obama and his wife campaigning across the state, as well as plugs from supporters, all with background music that ends in an impassioned emotional crescendo of Obama urging voters to caucus for him.

The campaign has also just posted a step-by-step animated video that informs Iowans about the caucusing process.



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