Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Yes, the Power of Honesty."

icebergslim's diary on Kos, "Why the young are inspired by Obama? And why the Democratic Party needs to embrace them":

clemson university, south carolina

Yes, Barack Obama won South Carolina, handily. Not just by a few points, but 28 points. We all know a lot of things factored in that win, but the biggest deciding factor was that folk are tired of race baiting politics, and it just did not WORK.

But, let us focus on something else.

I had family and friends over last night for a SC Watch Party. Right when we thought we were about to hunker down for the results, well, the primary was called immediately for Barack.

Well, we looked at each other, laughed and went back and forth on what really happened. Anyway, I thought about something a friend of mine told me as the night progressed, as Caroline Kennedy's endorsement was announced. About how the young have been solidly behind Obama's candidacy. How the young, even the ones not of voting age had grabbed onto this campaign and are solidly, committed.

As I read Caroline Kennedy's endorsement, I thought back on Senator Claire McCaskill and her description of what made her come out and support Barack Obama. She explained that as she watched the Iowa results with her daughter it was her daughter who said, "Mom, how can you not endorse him. You have to."

As I spoke with my friend last night and read the eloquent words of Caroline Kennedy's "A President Like My Father", the conversation went along the lines of why did Caroline endorse Barack? I know she was a Hillary supporter, but what made her embrace Obama.

Many scenarios were discussed, but we ended up with this one. Her children. Just as Claire, it was Caroline's children.

Children. Kids. The Young. The Youth. Whatever, we call them are instrumental in making our parents, elders, neighbors and friends, look and listen to what Barack Obama have to say. Whether we like it or not, whether we disagree or not, no other candidate in the Democratic Party is exciting or have the youth energized about possiblities, as Barack Obama.

Which brings me to Populista.

Populista is a 14 year old kid, who writes eloquent, positive diaries about Barack Obama.

When you read Populista, you are in awe, but when you find out 14 years old, you are stunned. The first question that came to my mind is why? What is connecting with teenagers across this country with Barack Obama? I asked my 18 year old niece, a senior in high school who is caucusing for Obama in Minnesota, I asked her, "What is it about Obama that makes you listen to him?" She simply said, "I believe what he says. He is honest." Yes, the Power of Honesty.

One thing about the young is that they don't have time for fakeness, crap or B.S. Their attention span is ten seconds, so if you have something to say, you better grab them. Barack Obama has done that. Now we see our youth, wanting to believe in their government, possiblity, hope for the future, working for the campaign, blogging, text messaging, etc. It can only be the candor and honesty of Barack Obama to move them, and it is just that.

What we saw in Iowa and South Carolina was the infusion of the young vote. Something the other Democratic Candidates don't have, but must need to win in November.

This is an infectious time and an exciting time. This is also the first time we are witnessing the young coming out solidly in droves for Barack Obama, all across the country.

Populista is like millions of kids out here who have caught onto what Barack Obama is about. A sheer testament to the power of the youth. No more comments like, "they look like facebook caucus goers", for the Democratic Party, we need all the Populista's in our party that we can get.

Populista, you are one of my diary heros. Thank you.


Below is the Obamathon Fundraiser, powered by Populista. If you have not given, now is the time. Let's help the future member of the Democratic Party out and donate.

Howie P.S.: I must confess I was astonished to learn that Populista is 14 years old, even though I was younger than that myself when I started doorbelling and working on campaigns.

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