Friday, February 01, 2008

"Bigger Than Limbaugh"

Political Punch (ABC News political blog):
Over at, Al Giardano notes a significant radio moment most of us gringos missed yesterday.

On the El Piolín radio show, the most popular radio show in the U.S. , Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., called in to host Eddie Sotelo with a big love note to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, which Sotelo translated for his Spanish-speaking listeners.

“Only two senators marched for immigrant rights on May 1, 2006," Kennedy said, "one in Washington and the other in Chicago. I marched in Washington and Barack Obama marched in Chicago. He was not afraid to stand up when others wouldn’t.”

Kos considers this a pretty big moment.

Interestingly, even though she was in LA, Clinton last night continued to sound more moderate on the subject of illegal immigration. "You know, I was in Atlanta last night, and an African-American man said to me, 'I used to have a lot of construction jobs, and now it just seems like the only people who get them anymore are people who are here without documentation.'" she recalled. "So, I know that what we have to do is to bring our country together to have a comprehensive immigration reform solution."

After the debate, on MSNBC, Air America's Rachel Madow lambasted Clinton for those remarks, while Pat Buchanan praised her.

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