Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Ari Melber, (The Nation) with video (02:25):
"What I do oppose is a dumb war!" > With those decisive words in October 2002, Barack Obama took a clear stand against the Iraq war. Over five years later, many politicians are still unable to explain their original war position, let alone rally the nation around a clear policy to honorably end the occupation.

Chicago resident Bob Howard stood near the front of that 2002 anti-war rally, close enough to be captured on the only known footage of the speech, and he's backed Obama ever since. After spotting Howard at a recent event, the campaign embedded a video blogger to accompany Howard on his trip to the polls today. Clad in the same purple shirt he wore to the first rally, Howard reflected on Obama's attempt to build his campaign as a movement, telling the campaign video blogger: He's the first person I've seen who's organized a presidential campaign thinking as a community organizer. The new YouTube clip, "Obama and the Guy with the Purple Shirt," touches on Obama's antiwar advocacy through the eyes of a single voter.

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