Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Seattle "Over The Top" Celebration Tonight!"

Karen Russell:
West Virginia was rough and Kentucky next week is going be ugly for Obama. However next Tuesday, Obama will win enough delegates to make it mathematically impossible for Clinton to surpass his lead. We think that is a great reason to celebrate! The AP projects that at this current pace Obama should pick up enough superdelegates to secure the nomination in three weeks. So please join us to watch the results come in from Kentucky and Oregon!

Where? F.X. McRory's Steak Chop & Oyster House, 419 Occidental Avenue South
When? Tuesday, May 20th from 5 pm until….
RSVP: Let us know you are going, so we can get a head count! As always, kids are welcome! Bring your Republican friends and Hillary supporters who are hungry for change.

Pretty please.


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