Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Keith Olbermann: Then and now"

Glenn Greenwald (excerpt):
(1) What Barack Obama is doing on Issue X is wrong, indefensible and worthy of extreme criticism;

(2) I support Barack Obama for President because he's a better choice than John McCain.
Greenwald also links to CubbyChaser's post on the Comedy Central blog, "Indecision 2008":
Isn't it just like a liberal to want to conserve our inalienable rights and keep the federal government from amassing too much power? Fucking predictable.
Ian Welsh sums up the FISA-vote story on Firedoglake:
The FISA Cloture vote just passed. This limits debate to 30 hours, then the bill will be voted on. That means a real filibuster is now impossible. Various motions will be put forward to strip immunity, odds are they will fail. Then a number of the 80 who voted to restrict debate will vote against FISA so they can say they were against the bill. However this was the real vote, and the rest is almost certainly nothing but Kabuki for the rubes. Clinton, McCain and Obama all did not show for the vote.

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