Thursday, July 17, 2008

Washington state "GOP goes after Michelle" (with video)

Ben Smith, with video (01:23):
Following the lead of the Tennessee Republican Party, the Washington Republican Party has launches a web ad "welcoming" Michelle Obama to the state with a revival of her remark that this campaign marked the first time she was proud of her country for the first time during this campaign.

"I'm proud to be an American," say the chairwoman of the King County Republican Party and other local Republicans. The video then shows them pledging allegiance to the flag -- an apparent reference to the false rumor that Obama refuses to pledge allegiance.

The move by the state party is an early mark that GOP groups are starting to feel freer to attack the Obama's on the cultural issues that McCain has signaled he won't personally touch.

A spokesman for the state party said they didn't run the video by the McCain campaign. I've asked McCain and Obama spokesmen for comment, and will update if they do.
Howie P.S.: SLOG has "One Response to the Washington State Republicans’ Attack on Michelle Obama." If I recall correctly, the original quote from Michelle was that she was "really" proud, but I think the videos (both this one and the earlier version) eliminated that word for dramatic effect.Chris Gregoire's campaign just sent out this statement
“I was proud to welcome Michelle Obama, who clearly loves our country deeply, here to Washington state this morning. These shameless attacks by the state Republican Party have no place in our politics. If John McCain is serious about running a “respectful” campaign on the issues, he and Republican leaders like Dino Rossi will denounce this tasteless attack ad and tell the state Republican Party to pull the plug on it immediately. After eight years of the most divisive, fear-driven politics this country has ever seen, I agree with Senator Obama that it’s time to turn the page and bring Americans together.”

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