Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Hell to Pay: Burner v. Reichert" (with video)

BarbinMD, with video (00:31) (front-paged on Daily Kos):
Update: And in an hour we passed our goal and are at 3,502 donors and have raised $20,565 tonight (so far)! Kudos to the entire community for helping to let the Republican slime machine know that there will be Hell to Pay when they smear and lie about our O2B candidates. And I know it's been a long night, but let's set one last goal...can we reach 3,600 donors before morning? I'll give the final numbers in tomorrow's Midday Open Thread. But until then, let's keep this going and help get Darcy Burner elected.


Update: Did I say 3,400? It took you guys less than an hour to reach and pass that goal. You rock! We're now up to 3,424 donors and have raised $18,154! And that's not counting the donations you've made to the other great O2B candidates. Let's keep this thing going...heck, it's not even 9:00 on the west coast, so let's give the late arrivals a chance to get involved. After all, we need to give Darcy a little breathing space so she can track this woman down and give her a talking to:

Darcy has a great story about the irrationality of all this. She was out shopping for Batman band-aids for her boy, and a woman spotted her in the aisle. "You look just like Darcy Burner," the woman said. "I am Darcy Burner," said Darcy. "Oh, I am so excited," said the woman, "I can't wait to vote for you and Sarah Palin." Darcy swears that this is true.

It's still early, so let's go crazy...let's try for 3,500 donors before the end of the night.


Update: I am in awe of you guys. In just under 2 1/2 hours, we've added 355 donors, for a total of 3,273 and $14,192. Okay then...let's try something new. We know that many people give until it hurts, but there's also a lot of people who give even though it does hurt, and to remind people that every donation counts, let's see how see how many $5 donations we can get in the next hour. And if you can give more, spread a little love to our other O2B candidates. And let's set a new goal for donors about 3,400?


Update: Wow, this is amazing! In just under 90 minutes, we've already got 244 donors and have raised $9,634. I guess I underestimated you guys. Okay, how about we try for 3,300 donors tonight? And remember, it's Darcy's night, but while you're donating, don't forget our other outstanding O2B candidates.

Let's make sure this is the message that's blanketing the airways in WA-08!


Darcy Burner is, simply, one of us.

You know ... progressive geeks. And proud of it. Her grace under the pressure of losing her home, her firm commitment to advancing everything we believe in--from net neutrality to getting out of Iraq--and her pride in robust progressivism make her the ideal candidate in a district ripe to flip our way this cycle. And the Republicans know it, which is why Burner's repeat challenge this year to incumbent Republican Dave Reichert is coming under steady fire from the right because she came within inches of unseating him in 2006. She's become the target of two of the wealthiest arms of the conservative movement: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the NRCC.

As laid out in the original Hell to Pay nomination thread Thursday:

In WA-08, Darcy Burner is running an innovative and energetic race. She didn't even let losing everything she owned in a house fire in July stop her. Which is why the Republicans have made defeating Burner their number 1 priority among House races. The Chamber of Commerce blanketed Seattle-area airwaves with an ad lying about her economic plan. That's on top of the whopping $1 million NRCC has reserved in television time in the Seattle market to run attack ads against her.

Darcy Burner has a fight on her hands and we need to make sure she has the ammunition to fight back. Are you ready to make sure that there is Hell to Pay for the rightwing attack machine's lies about one of our Orange to Blue candidates? The lies and smears have already cost James Inhofe $12,000 and Norm Coleman $25,000, and tonight it's Dave Reichert's turn to learn that you don't mess with Texas Kossacks. So tonight let's send a message to Dave Reichert, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the NRCC that there will be Hell to Pay when you launch lying ads against one of our own.

She's starting out tonight with 2918 donors on the Orange to Blue candidate page. Let's aim for getting her ... 3,200 donors by the end of tonight.

Ready? Set? DONATE!



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