Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Media Roundup (excerpts)

"Watch Rachel Maddow's Debut Show Launch on MSNBC Tonight: She Fights Lies Uttered by Politicians, Repeated by Media" (AlterNet):
Rachel Maddow, Air America's homegrown star and the hottest new face on TV, is launching her very own new show tonight -- Monday, Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. on MSNBC -- and the Masher couldn't be happier. There are thousands of people -- Facebookers and all -- who are planning parties to watch the debut. Let's all watch it by the millions and blow those ratings through the roof and show the MSM turkeys that smart, provocative, truth-telling journalism and commentary has a potential massive audience.
"Charlie Gibson: McCain's Favorite Network Anchor?" (Greg Sargent-TPM Election Central):
Has ABC News' Charlie Gibson become the McCain campaign's favorite network anchor?

The question is a fair one in light of the news that Gibson has landed the first exclusive interview with Sarah Palin, as part of a rather odd-sounding arrangement under which he'll be asking her questions over the course of multiple interviews up in Alaska.

Recent history suggests that we shouldn't anticipate a terribly aggressive grilling of Palin from Gibson. There are good reasons for the McCain campaign to be able to count on this -- and to favor Gibson as a result.



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