Sunday, October 05, 2008

Daily Kos--Obama Ad: McCain "Erratic" and "Out of Touch" (with video)

SusanG, front-paged now on Kos, with video (00:30):
Obama's coming out with a new ad Monday, and playing nice and reaching across the aisle won't be the themes of the day.

Discussion of this ad and the Obama campaign's promise of a harder hitting stategy is underway in mysticlaker's diary.

Obama pulled no punches in Asheville, North Carolina, today either. He went directly for the jugular on the McCain campaign's desire to turn the page from focusing on the dismal economy. Excerpts from his speech today as provided by the Obama campaign.

Howie P.S.: Ari Melber tracks another Obama ad from earlier this week, "Color by Numbers: Bush-McCain Tax Plan," video (00:35). This one is flying low, somewhere.

Ben Smith posts Obama's new health care ad, "Coin," video (00:30).

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