Monday, October 13, 2008

"The facts about ACORN"

Tom Matzzie (excerpted from the Huffington Post story "How McCain Will Steal the Election from Obama (Sort Of))":
The facts about ACORN are worth getting out.
ACORN is an organization that, among other things, registers low-income people to vote. One of the ways they do this is to hire door-to-door canvassers from the neighborhoods they are working in. This sort of work is tightly regulated. So, when one of the thousands of people they give jobs to doesn't do their work right and brings back bogus or phony voter registration cards, the law REQUIRES that ACORN turn the forms in to the voter registration office. The law, rightly, doesn't want anybody throwing out voter registration forms for any reason.

But ACORN goes a step farther. They have people assigned to do quality control on all the cards--calling people on the forms after they fill them out. When they find bad information on the cards they attach a cover sheet to the card but, as mentioned above, they turn in the cards as required by law. The effect is that a few bad canvassers or a poorly run office will mean that bad cards are submitted as part of the normal process. But ACORN has done everything possible to make sure voting officials know to check the forms.

The sad fact is that in at least one state--Nevada--the voting officials disregarded ACORN's cover sheets flagging the voter registration forms. That should have never happened. The resulting blowup was a scandal in search of a scandal.
Howie P.S.: In other campaign news: "Obama Camp Relying Heavily on Ground Effort" (WaPo), "In Friendly Region, Biden Cites McCain as Erratic" (NY Times), and "Children for Obama (Green Lake, Seattle)" from Silenced Majority Portal with video (01:31).

If you have/know school age children, you know how well they connect with Obama.

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