Monday, May 28, 2007

"Barack Obama in New Hampshire" (with video, audio)

CBS2 News Chicago (with video, audio):
Senator Barack Obama is trying to sway voters in the key state of New Hampshire. CBS 2’s political editor Mike Flannery reports on his first trip to the state.
Obama called for improved mental health services for veterans at a stop in Conway where he spoke of proposed changes to recruitment and deployment of military mental health providers. He called for the Pentagon to recruit more professionals to help identify and treat problems. And he sought mandatory mental health screenings of all troops. But his stop in Berlin, N.H., Obama's wife Michelle introduced him to voters at what was billed as an ice cream social.

"Being together in one place is a family vacation," said Michelle Obama. "You've got my brother, his wife, my nice and nephew, so we're hanging out on the RV playing Uno."

The most important part of Michelle Obama's public campaign duties now involve vouching for her husband's character.

"This man is a good father, a man I can trust," she said. "He's running for president because he truly believes that we can do better as a country."

Notably no longer a part of Michelle Obama's public omments are her joking references to her husband's shortcomings.

"Everybody's heard that," she said. "I need to keep it fresh."

When asked to talk about the good stuff, Michelle Obama said, "I think everybody understands the broader point, which is Barack is human."

Sen. Obama's tour of north country continues Monday. He will make several stops including one in Hanover where Dartmouth College is located. He will hold a town hall meeting and a student rally there.

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