Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Colbert zings Chicago Tribune for Obama story" with video

The Swamp, (Chicago Tribune) with video:
Stephen Colbert, the comic genius from Comedy Central, did a very funny riff on the Sen. Barack Obama Life/Ebony/race story which I didn't see in real time earlier this week. A colleague pointed it out to me.

As you'll recall, Democratic presidential candidate Obama said in his autobiography he had a memorable racial awakening at age nine when he saw a story in Life magazine about a self-hating black man who had done his best to bleach his skin white.

After Chicago Tribune reporters did some fact-checking and failed to find that issue of Life, Obama said maybe it was Ebony. But no evidence of such a story could be found in that magazine's archives either.

Colbert zings the Tribune and other news outlets that followed its lead for making too much of a nearly 40-year-old memory. He mentions that Esquire actually appears to have run such a story and that may be what Obama remembered seeing. For the record, a Tribune editor said this of the Esquire theory: "We already tracked that one down a few weeks ago. It's not even close to what Obama cites in his book."

I post this for others who haven't seen it. Enjoy. I think it's hilarious.

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