Monday, May 28, 2007

"Obama says he will do better in next debate"

Chicago Tribune:
HANOVER, N.H. -- As he prepares for an upcoming Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Barack Obama said Monday that he expects to turn in a better performance than he did in his first national debate in late April.
"I assume that I'll get better as time goes on," Obama said during a news conference at Dartmouth College, where he concluded a two-day campaign swing through New Hampshire.

At the first debate in South Carolina, where all eight declared Democratic presidential candidates appeared, Obama was generally given so-so reviews.

The Democrats are set to face off again here in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Obama expressed skepticism that the series of debates will command strong viewership, but said he is "very confident about how I approach these topics and how I think about major problems that we confront in this country."

He reiterated that his biggest challenge is to deliver his responses "in 60-second sound bites," something that does not come naturally for him. "Sometimes I have a long wind-up," he said.

Asked whether his staff would coach him with a buzzer, Obama did not rule it out. "I'm sure they will try all sorts of things," he said.
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