Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Brutal Hardball Hit on Obama"

nbutter's diary on Kos:
Anyone see Hardball tonight? It was a brutal, vicious pigpile on Obama -- Tweety, Fineman, Gregory, and O'Donnell -- and each one of them went nuts on the Senator from Illinois.
I was flabbergasted. I will admit (hell, I'll trumpet) that I'm a Hillary supporter, so I didn't mind them all talking about how she was extending her lead, winning debates, etc. But I noticed that there was a big focus on Obama -- his diffidence, his caution, his lack of attack. And one meme kept popping up (mostly from Matthews): "he's got to either hit her harder, or get out of the way for someone who can."

Wow. I realized what i was seeing. AMAZING Edwards campaign spin.

* nbutter's diary :: ::

Tonight was about one thing: the Edwards campaign trying to become the clear, MSM-annointed, Anti-Hillary Option.

Greory gave it away -- "when you talk to the edwards people, they argue..." -- a novel preface to another recital of the litany.

Edwards' debate performance backed it up. He's making a hard push to elbow Obama aside, with a clearly coordinated message that Obama's too courteous, timid, Senatorial to really go after Hillary.

I don't have a pick between them -- I think BOTH Edwards and Obama are good for the party and good for the country, and I'd love it if either one of them were President.

But man, for sheer political aggression, I have to admire how the Edwards campaign is playing their hand.



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